Aaron Smith – Treecraft Design

Treecraft is a custom treehouse design-build business based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Founded by Aaron Smith in 2015, Treecraft combines architectural sensibility with years of experience working under master builders to bring to life inspired works of craftsmanship.  The treehouse can be many things – from a kids playhouse, fort, or high-ropes style adventure course, to a retreat for adults, a peaceful studio space, or a full-on tinyhouse in a tree.  Above all, a treehouse is a place for the imagination to soar.  

Treecraft employs state-of-the-art treehouse anchoring technology and techniques to ensure the health of trees.  Modern treehouse building methods allow the trees to grow and move with the treehouse, which is essential for extending the lifespan of your treehouse.  

Aaron has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture from the University of Virginia and the University of Colorado Denver, respectively.  He has worked in architecture offices, timber framing crews, and in the rapidly growing world of tinyhouse design and construction.  Aaron is also an ultramarathon runner and snowboarder, and lives in Fort Collins with his wife Cassie and newborn son (and future treehouse tester!) Jake.

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