Brook Trout Treehouse: Wild Tree Woodworks

The Story

Wild Tree Woodworks was contacted by Marcus Hahnemann in the spring of 2016. Having spent some time in the Victor Brothers Treehouse, Marcus had thought, “I need to get myself one of these!” And so through a series of connections, he reached out to David and the two struck up a conversation about his hope for a treehouse. As the conversation unfolded, David recognized Marcus Hahnemann as the former Seattle Sounders goalkeeper. The two also discovered that they had attended grade school together! This treehouse collaboration was clearly meant to be.

They began by discussing design and vision. Originally, Marcus and his wife Amanda wanted two treehouses on their recreational property: the first as a VRBO guesthouse, and the second as a private space with a bar and deck overlooking the Yakima River. As the project progressed, the second treehouse was put on hold in order to focus on the VRBO rental.


Marcus envisioned a modest-sized treehouse with a sleeping loft. The space needed to be comfortable for overnight stays, including a living space, a fridge, and a flat screen television for entertainment. He and David discussed the possibility of plumbing and deliberated about the need for a toilet. Because the planned treehouse would be built near the fully plumbed guesthouse, they decided to keep things simple and forgo the upkeep of a composting toilet or plumbing. Electricity was a must, and was installed by Peak Electric. Marcus and Amanda hand-selected the light fixtures to add a cabin feel to both the interior and exterior.

The build got started in July of 2016 and took about six weeks for the four-man crew to complete. Marcus himself worked as part of the crew and offered unique accommodation for the guys, graciously hosting them inside the main cabin for the duration of the build. During the hot summer days, it was not unusual for the lunch break to include a float down the river to cool off!

BT.TH.process - 3

“Come stay in my treehouse!- Marcus H.

Based upon Marcus and Amanda’s preferences, the design of the treehouse was intentionally congruent with the other structures on the property. David worked to keep the lines of the structure classic and simple, adding his creative liberties to the deck and staircase entrance. A unique addition to the interior is the walnut bartop that Marcus hand-crafted and installed. Having the owner invest in the process was a fabulous experience for the crew and one that Marcus and his family can now enjoy for years to come — they were able to personally invest in the creation of their treehouse.

BT.TH.process2 - 1

Overall, this was a great build that came in at budget. Building in the summer along the river was a fun experience for everyone, including David’s brother and nephew who joined in for a week to assist the crew.

Usually Wild Tree Woodworks builds exclusively for clients to enjoy their treehouses privately. A unique feature of this treehouse is that it can be enjoyed by anyone — check it out on VRBO and experience it for yourself! VRBO listing #476564.

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